Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Close

August 1st!!! That is our target move in day!!! In saying that, I totally realize we may not make it and we have until August 20 to actually be out of our home but this is still our goal. I am posting a bunch of pictures. None of them are in any good order. If I were a good blogger, which you all know by now I am NOT, then I would always put before and after pics together. I didn't!! Sorry! But you will get reminded just how far we have come since February 30th! This picture is one of the first pictures of the master bedroom. I have a current pic down below. Please realize that currently all of our beautiful wood floors are still under layers of paper and cardboard until all of the painting is done. I am really looking forward to seeing them again!

This is the kitchen as it was when we bought the house. NOTHING remains of the old one now.

Another old kitchen shot.

The foyer ceiling....with who knows how many toilet leaks found their way through the floor! SO GROSS!!!

I love this picture because that is all of the kitchen that you could see from the dining room.

Bob is getting ready to hang our foyer light fixture. Everything is so pristine again. It is so bright and happy.....and our "stuff" isn't even in it yet. It is still just a "house".

My friend Diane is doing Venetian plaster in the powder room. This will be a fun process to follow.....layers and layers. I found a small blue and white transferware sink from the 1800's that is my inspiration for the room so the walls will be layers of whites and creams. More pics to follow.

This is where my range will go. Hopefully it will find it's home this week.

Please remember that there is a beautiful dark pine floor under all of that cardboard so the kitchen won't really look so white when it is all done. This is the island before we started to finish the top.

Sunday, my friend Terri and I decided to tackle the top of the island and this is a picture of all of the supplies we used to get the look that I was after. It worked and I just love it.

One of the brackets on.......$4.oo Hobby Lobby!

The top all finished!!! Do you all remember the green piece I brought back from Roundtop flea market? Voila!

This backplate was something we had been carrying around for years. They came off of some old doors from Highland Park. They have a new home.

One of the bedrooms. Bad pic, sorry!

Another bedroom...almost done!

Master light and bright!

The infamous "purple bathroom"......the only thing left is the tub and on the 22nd it will be white!

Another shot of the purple bathroom.

Master bathroom shower....

Master bathroom.....These are just a few pics but gives you a better idea of how close we are. This will be a big week of changes so stay tuned!!