Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Glazing progress

Here is an updated pic of the front of the house. Remember the bushes we cut down to about 6 inches? They have grown back and I actually like the way they look now. It doesn't remind me of a cattle chute anymore! The two pots on the front porch have a fun story. Several years ago on one of our annual Round Top antiquing trips, my friend Cindy and I found these great huge urns. There was a pair and neither of us wanted two of them so we each bought one and both of us have used them for table bases. Cindy lives right across the street from the new house. A couple of weeks ago she called and said it was time to reunite the pair and my front porch needed them. It is her house warming gift to us! So.....Friday night we decided to move them. They are so heavy that it took two adult women and her 19 year old son to move them. It was a great time and will always be a special memory. They look kind of tacky right now because the plants are small but I will take an occasional pic as they grow up!

Diane working her magic on the front door.


We are debating whether or not to take the screen door off. When it is open, the detail of the surrounding brick seems to "pop". We may put it back up in the fall when we can actually use it. At 100 degrees, not so much!

We are so dry down here and no rain in the forecast for the next 8 days. These two robins were so cute bathing in the sprinkler water yesterday. They aren't picky! When you've gotta bathe, you've gotta bathe!

I was at Sams by 8:30 yesterday. This is a baby bird that was in the cart return corral. He didn't budge when I got close to him and I could just hear him saying, " If I don't move she won't see me...she won't see me...she WON'T SEE ME"!!! I knew he was the first to get kicked out of the nest when I looked up in the tree above me and saw his two siblings sitting on the branch.....

I think they were saying, " YOU go next.....NO, YOU go next....Look at HIM, he jumped and now he's NOT MOVING. I'm NOT going!!" made me laugh! Such life lessons there, yes? I am off to bed! Later!!

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