Sunday, February 28, 2010

Does it look better yet? We think so! Drapes down....sunshine in! Ahhhh!

You've heard of dumpster diving? Well here is Bob trying to make more room in the 30 cubic yard container we rented for the renovation. We weren't planning on filling half of it with "gifts" left by previous owners. They are such sweet people, but to those of you out there who are "hoarders" or if there is even a small chance that you have the tendencies, please think again! Someone will always follow behind you in this life!!

The living room free of drapes.

Tomorrow the crew comes at 8am to start refloating all of the walls and ceilings. Plumbers and electricians show up too. It will be a busy day!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well, here it is! Our new project! We are still looking at ourselves, asking if we really did take this on.....It will be such a challenge but we are confident that in the end it will all be worth it. After all, everyone who loves old houses knows that it is a labor of love to turn a house to home!

Side view of the house with it's two beautiful stained glass windows. This is the sun room which used to be a porte cochere or porte cache for some of you! This is where the Model A was parked in 20's.

Amazing front door with a screen! I love screens! I know they are not cool in the "design" world but there is nothing better than open doors and windows and letting that fresh air flow through a home.

This is leaded glass. Very intricate and very cool!

This is a view from our living room into the sun room. You can get a glimpse of the stained window.

This is an office that sits right off of the living room.

The living room. I will post a closeup of the mantle and marble fireplace. Those huge logs are gas and original from 1928.

Another shot of the living room.

Dining room. Are you loving all of the drapes? They are gone already! I was over there after we closed on the house yesterday and took some of them down. The rest were down by 10:00 this morning! The sunlight flooded the house and it was already a happier place!

Breakfast nook off of the kitchen. There is a really great built in cupboard over there behind all of the shelves.
First disaster of the process. Toilet leak in the Master bathroom....We know it won't be the last!

Another dining room shot.

Downstairs power room. That is actually very intricate basketweave tile on the floor. Original and amazing!

Vanity shot.
This is the staircase you see when you enter the house....definitely one of my favorite things about the house.

Upstairs hallway. Sorry for all of junk still around!

The guest Jack and Jill bath....I hear this is the "new" color, but I am not such a fan! White it will be! Anyone interested in a lavender sink and toilet?! I even have soap and toothbrush holders to match!

Another shot of of the guest bath. Are you loving it yet?!


Master bath.

Master bedroom. That door goes out to the upper balcony.


Well there are few pictures to give you an idea of what this blog will be about! We are very excited about the journey ahead. I will post as the house changes week to week. The work begins on Monday. Here we go!