Sunday, February 28, 2010

Does it look better yet? We think so! Drapes down....sunshine in! Ahhhh!

You've heard of dumpster diving? Well here is Bob trying to make more room in the 30 cubic yard container we rented for the renovation. We weren't planning on filling half of it with "gifts" left by previous owners. They are such sweet people, but to those of you out there who are "hoarders" or if there is even a small chance that you have the tendencies, please think again! Someone will always follow behind you in this life!!

The living room free of drapes.

Tomorrow the crew comes at 8am to start refloating all of the walls and ceilings. Plumbers and electricians show up too. It will be a busy day!

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  1. haha I was going to ask if that was Bob in the trash!