Monday, March 1, 2010

The guys are at work retexturing the walls. I wish you all could see the difference in them. We were told that the old texture was original to the house but I seriously have my doubts. It reminds me of someone popcorn spraying every wall in the house. So we opted to have all of the walls refloated to a flatter texture. These guys are amazing! If you have never worked on retexturing walls, it is not hard to do. It is basically joint compound which you can buy in large boxes or tubs. A trowel is used to apply the compound. I took a class years ago and the thing I remember them saying was, "Be careful not to be careful" ! How many times do you get to do anything in life that you are not supposed to be careful!?! So you are probably wondering why I am not doing it myself. Simply just too much area to cover!

On to the next thing that just happened. I went by Sonic and then was going by the house. I went by "the Dumpster" and there was actually a man dumpster diving and it was not Bob! At first I thought oh my gosh and then I saw that he had a child in the front seat of his truck and my heart broke. It was so sad. I am so thankful that my children or grandchildren have not had to live that life but then I am thinking that in someway that man and his child are blessed in ways I will never know. What a reminder of how petty and small my problems are in life. I don't know who he was but I will pray for him and that child every day. God knows. So I guess one man's trash is another man's treasure. There was a reason we filled that dumpster yesterday.

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