Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Live a Little

This is the restaurant of choice in the south....and tonight we participated in the fine dining experience! But just for a hot fudge sundae and a pecan caramel blizzard...we passed on the burger and fries! What a great ending to a great day!

And you can tell we are in the deep south.....what way does that "N" go?!!

Today was a run around day.....I was in three lighting stores looking for new lights for the front of the house. Currently there are light posts and they are way too small for the scale of the house. We are taking them out and putting lanterns back up. I didn't end up finding anything....there were too many choices. But a friend bailed me out and found a great two for one sale! I will take a picture once they are up on the house.

Another possibility.

I was also tile shopping for the bathrooms and kitchen. I found a great overstock store in Plano and found tons of Carrera marble. That part of the day was a success. We are not using the black accent. It think we will cut the 12x12 squares in half and do a basketweave pattern.

We are using white subway tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms. I think the tiling will start next week. The kitchen cupboards will be in on Friday. It is really starting to come together!!

I went over and shot a couple of pics of the island. What you see now is only one of many layers that will go into this project. If you look down a couple of pics you will see some examples of what the finish will look like as it gets closer to the end. I am heading over tomorrow to take some updated pictures. I'll post them tomorrow.

You realize this is upside down! Bob is going to make the top out of the old reclaimed pine. I wanted zinc but the guy I talked to about making the top never called me back so I going with the guy I know will come through!

These are a few of the roses in my garden. The color was amazing today.

More garden pics.

My herb garden.

This was one hungry little guy! It is so adorable when a toddler is big enough to handle a whole piece of pizza!

Halie opted for plain noodles! I guess we finished that pizza off!

Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day and my little girl turned 32! It has been a joy to be mom to Sarah and Jeff. They have blessed my life beyond measure! For all of you who are parents to young ones, I know that there are days that you think will never end. You are tired but those days do end. It goes by so very quickly but God is so faithful to refill your life with new blessings. Bob and I have been blessed with their spouses Paul and Kristen and now our 5 grandbabies. Life is grand.......so go to DQ, celebrate with no guilt and "live a little"!!!

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  1. Carolyn WilliamsMay 21, 2010 at 12:28 PM

    Hey Jan! Thanks for sharing the progress on your house--I'm so glad God blessed you with another great house where you can make many more memories!