Saturday, May 1, 2010

Intuitively Obvious?

Apparently not! The picture above and the one below are two examples of what may be obvious to one person, may not be obvious to the next guy. We needed to put a floor vent in the new kitchen floor. Bob had it marked out for the floor guy and when we came in today, there was a trapezoid carved in the floor instead of a rectangle.......any guesses on what he was thinking? Have YOU ever seen a trapezoid vent cover? Actually what you see is not what was really cut. It was a real trapezoid and this is after Bob messed with it a little. The next pic is the ceiling in the apartment staircase. We told the lighting guy we needed an electric box centered in the ceiling.....does that even look remotely centered? I'm not sure what he was thinking or drinking! Anyway, Bob went up into the attic today and put one up where it is supposed to be......centered in the ceiling! I guess he should have done it in the beginning!

Have you ever seen those street crews where there are 3 guys on a crew and only one is actually working???!!!!

This is our master bedroom floor! Green carpet.....gone. Old finish....gone. Newly sanded floors!! They are absolutely beautiful. 82 years old and they look new! Now if I could only figure out how to do that to my body!

These are the reclaimed and remilled pine floors in our kitchen!

Looking from the backdoor into the kitchen.

Downstairs powder room....before.

These are the layers of wallpaper that we found when we started stripping the paper off. The plaid metallic paper was the oldest and then the orange and gold. I think I have wrapping paper out in the garage that is similar to the metallic pattern. Don't you wonder what they will be saying about our decorating choices 80 years from now?!!

This paper is probably the same vintage as the orange and gold one. This was one of several layers in the master bath!

Halie and Austin were here for the day and they picked up a bunch of scraps from the new house. Halie was so excited to build something with Papa. She wanted a birdhouse and so that is what they built. Austin got into the hammering too!

Last step...painting.


  1. This post cracked me up! I hope everything get's worked out with that trapezoid cut out, haha. The house is looking amazing and your grandkids are so blessed to have you two as grandparents, they look like they have so much fun with you guys!

  2. the floors look great!!! it is going to be absolutely incredible when it is all put together!