Sunday, April 18, 2010


This is IT!!! Or almost it! They have tried three times to get the angles in the arch to be correct. It has made me appreciate the importance of geometry in this whole process. It may look right from this angle but in all actuality it is still off and they will be tweeking it again tomorrow. But it is still amazing and I love how it turned out and how it made a small dark secluded kitchen so bright and open to the rest of the house. Good times ahead!

This is looking at the same wall 6 weeks ago. Can you believe the difference?

This the entry ceiling all repaired after three toilet leaks and all plumbing replaced.

Remember this nasty picture? I think that was after leak #2!

This past week we were able to have three of our precious grandbabies here for a couple of days while Jeff and Kristen went to Tyler to house hunt. We had an awesome time with them and miss them already. This is 4 year old Avery....having a craft time. That is a constant here at Nanas!

Twin #1...Ben. They played out in the alley for a long time. It's incredible how long a few rocks will entertain almost 2 year olds!

Twin #2...Sawyer! Or "Sassy" as we all call her!

This is "the END" of this post so I thought it was the appropriate place to put this picture. Ben and Sassy LOVE to run around without diapers and they have become very proficient at taking them we resorted to using duct tape! Use #1262! You can see that the little fingers are already at work perfecting a pediatric Houdini act! Have a great week!


  1. Jan, I get so excited when you post new updates! All of us want so bad to be there personally and watch the progress, but your posts and picture are the next best thing - thanks!!! And the "duct tape" story has started our Monday morning off with a BIG chuckle! :) Luv you, Sis, and keep the news acoming...

  2. HAHA! I love it! The house is looking SO great! The duct tape picture is priceless!

  3. Jan, I love your blog and seeing the awesome job in progress on the beautiful house. The pictures of the kids are so cute and the duct tape goes right along with the construction of the house. So funny!!!!

  4. I love the duct tape! That is so cute! Very resourceful!

  5. I had not visited your blog in a while - love all the pics. I especially love the ones of your gorgeous grand-babies (two thumbs up on the duct tape!)
    Gorgeous pics that your daughter in law posted of you!!!