Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

Well I have tried three times to get some pictures uploaded and three times it has failed....so sorry! It is my goal to get this done today!! For you bloggers out there...do you sometimes have periods of time when you just can't seem to keep up??!! Well I can at least verbally update you and then later today or tonight try the pictures again. The whole kitchen, master bathroom and closet have been torn apart all the way to the studs. We have had 3 dumpster loads hauled away already if that tells you how much stuff has been removed from the floors and walls....wow! The electrician and plumber should finish the major stuff in the next couple of days. We have step walls going into the kitchen and bath today so by tonight we should actually see some rebuilding! I am meeting with the cabinet builder this afternoon so we are rockin' and rollin'! There is another whole part of this project that I have not even blogged about. The garage apartment......more to come because that will be a story in and of itself! Thanks for checking the blog each day and be patient with me and my computer!! Later!


  1. i cant wait to see the pics!! i am so jealous that jeff got to see it (and yall of course!) miss you and love you!!

  2. Yay! Sounds like great progress, can't wait to see the pictures. Sorry they aren't uploading!