Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"No Story For Old Island"! as in "No Country For Old Men"!!

You all remember the old counter that I found at the Round Top flea market? It will be my new kitchen island after a major overhaul. Bob and I, (well really mostly Bob!) were out working on it a couple of days ago and we started talking about the history behind it. I don't have a clue where it came from and the woman I bought it from didn't know either. So now the fun begins! We can MAKE ONE UP!! I took a close up of all of different paint colors that have been splashed on it over the years so I am thinking it was either in a hardware store or maybe an artist was using it. It's YOUR turn! Let's see what kind of stories we can up with. Please don't disappoint me and have nobody respond. I may be sad and never post again....just kidding! Anyway, Bob did an amazing job of taking the top off and putting it on the bottom so that I now have a shelf in the previously open space. He also put new sturdy legs on it and fortified it so well that all 5 grandkids could hop around on it and it won't fall apart! He is an amazing carpenter. Thanks again Bob! The piece is now in the hands of a friend who is painting will LOVE what she will do! As far as the new top, I want a zinc top but if that doesn't pan out, I will have Bob construct one out of the old remilled pine we are using in the house. More pics as it progresses.

Pink, turquoise, white, black, yellow....hmmmm

Bob has also been busy working on the porte cochere. The ceiling was falling down so he tore it down and put new bead board up, which by the way he said is terribly difficult for a 57 year old with trifocals! Then the fun started. Well I thought it looked like fun since it is one of things in the house that I couldn't wait to see GONE. There were these really bad plexiglass windows with bad screen doors on either side of this wonderful space. So we thought we would just order new divided light windows to replace them. At a price tag of $10000, yes that is four zeros, we decided better. We thought it would make a great all weather kind of living space so we just tore them out and VOILA! It looks great and we know we will enjoy many a rainy day under it.

I think those rays shining down are from God!! Well done thy good and faithful servant! I don't mean that to sound sacrilegious , he really is one! I am convinced that one day Bob really will hear that from God, not just from me!

Ok folks...these are the first shots of the new garage apartment. It doesn't have alot of history since it was only built in 1996. But we plan on changing that. When I first saw this house you all know I fell in love with the doors, windows and staircase. But the thing that really sold us on the property was this apartment. We have a garage apartment at our current house and it's the cutest thing ever. It has been such a blessing to us and God has allowed us the share it with so many others in that last 11 years. But this new one has one special person that it is intended for. Bob's mom, or Veloise, or as we all call her Grandma. At some point she will be coming to live here. She is one the most amazing women I know and she has been like a mom to me since my precious mom passed away. On most days she has more energy than I do, despite the fact that she has heart issues and arthritis so bad it is difficult for her to do so many activities she has done and loved for years. She can no longer climb stairs due to the arthritis so our current carriage house won't work for her. But....this one has an elevator!!!! Can you believe that? It was built for the previous owner's handicapped son. It could not be more perfect. It has 1100 sq ft and although we have some tweaking to do to make it "Grandma ready" , it will be so great to have her so close to us. We are really looking forward to the great times and the grandkids will also love rides on the elevator! I know it will be hard for her to leave her home and we are encouraging her not to do it until she is 100% ready, but when she is it will be waiting for her. By the way, I will get a picture of her driving her VW is cutest thing! I will post more pictures of it.

The staircase with the NASTIEST carpet you had ever seen....gone! The old pine floors will soon cover them.

Last Thursday Halie and I had a Nana/Halie day. It was so much fun. We went down to the clinic to visit Papa. She totally did NOT like seeing those dogs opened up wide on the surgery table. She just buried her head in Papa's shoulder til they were out the surgery area. She went home and told her mom she did NOT want to be a vet!! So funny! Lunch with Papa and pancakes followed. After that we headed out to Hobby Lobby and got some paint supplies so she could paint on her first canvas. She was so excited! We came home and she painted the whole background a pale pink. My best friend Nan told me how to do this! Thanks Nan! Then she started painting her masterpiece. She called it Merry Christmas. It is so adorable. Maybe not a vet, but she could be an artist!

I had a wedding to do this past weekend and these are a few pics of the flowers. They were georgeous.....Pink and purple hydrangea, lilacs, and lots of different orchids. Surrounded by flowers....such a great job. I make NO money but I love the actual hands on work.

The bridal and bridesmaids bouquets.

One of the centerpieces. I will be back tomorrow with some pics I took tonight!


  1. i love the new island (prob from an old grocery/hardware store where the whole town would come and then have late night parties on the weekends) and the new porta cochere! and that pic of Bob with the sunlight made me tear up. He is such a wonderful man!! and you are so wonderful! we are so thankful for you guys and love you so much. and for grandma! and halie!! how sweet was her canvas. gorgeous. now i just need lessons from her and nan!

  2. Ditto to everything Kristen said! And please translate what "porta chocere" ignorance is showing. I love it, tho! :)

    I loved the idea of the canvas for Halie. Sounds like somethiing that Ashley and Camryn would like to try. What kind of paints did you use?

    Well, I really can't say anything more OR better than Kristen did, so will wait for more pictures. I was as excited as a little kid when I opened your blog and saw you added so much!!! I am so glad there is a "kid" in me somewhere...