Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lots O' Projects

The arch was redone again last night and we are 95% there....final adjustments yet to come!

The sun room ceiling has been completely torn down, replaced and Bob started putting up the bead board this weekend.

The dry wall is almost complete in the master bathroom.

The infamous purple bathroom before.....

and now....We will resurface the tub from purple to white.

Another before.....

and now....We are moving the toilet to the center and putting pedestal sinks on both ends. It seems to make more sense for a Jack and Jill bath. Just when our plumber thinks he is done, he gets another call from us. He is becoming a part of our family!

This was the bathroom tile that was under 2 layers of linoleum....I'm sure it was pretty in it's day!

This is a load of reclaimed, remilled old pine flooring. There is this great salvage company in Dallas. Bob did his mojo and got a great deal on the load! Way to keep us on budget Bob! We will be putting this down in our kitchen and the entire garage apartment.

Today I started tearing the future island apart! We will use the top to make a new bottom. I met with a guy who is going to make a zinc top for it. I have a picture in my head of what this will look like in the end.....we'll see how close it gets! I will update as it progresses.

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  1. its just more gorgeous everytime i see it!!! i LOVE it! and bob is such a mojo worker!! love it!