Friday, March 5, 2010

The Flood Returns

You remember the pictures of the entry ceiling stained by the leaking toilet upstairs? wasn't the toilet this time but the bathtub! The crew of guys working on the walls yesterday filled the tub so they had access to water while the plumber was working. That was fine but they forgot to turn the water off and it ran all night. Bob walked into water coming out of the ceiling again this morning. With adrenaline pumping, he quickly found the source. Along with being a great surgeon, he is a great detective and a great clean up man! He wears lots of hats! Actually that is why there aren't many pictures the last couple of days. Other than the work on the walls and the plumber digging out from under the house, it doesn't look like much has happened. If you were to step outside you would know differently. Bob and a couple of workers have worked tirelessly cutting down branches, cleaning old garden beds, removing the lean to off of the garage. We totally filled the dumpster and it was taken away and returned empty! We haven't even started actual renovation yet! Ok...tomorrow we meet with a landscaper. Can't wait to hear some of his suggestions. Have a great weekend! Spring is here!

This is our "Tigger". He is 14 years old and has no idea he has to get used to another "new" house.!


  1. Way to go Bob! I love seeing little backgrounds of your house in pictures. I love the bed that tigger is on. Everything about it is beautiful. The pillows, the headboard, the colors, and of course tigger:) Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  2. Jan...I can't tell you how much I am LOVING this blog! I love the house more and more everytime! We are going to have to come see it sometime.

  3. i can't believe tigger is 14!! the walls look great, can't wait to see them in person!