Sunday, March 7, 2010


This is Lolo after being high high on a ladder with dust dust! Can you believe this picture? These guys work so hard. I'm glad they wear masks when they are sanding all of these walls but I do worry about the long term effects of breathing that stuff. Well now that I really look at him, that is not a mask but a rag over his mouth. His nose is really covered in that stuff. oops! They should finish up tomorrow and then I think they will be back in a week or so to start tearing out everything in the kitchen and bathrooms. I am in the process of looking at appliances for the kitchen. There are so many choices and the only thing I know we want is stainless steel. Anyone have any suggestions pro or con on different brands? I think SubZero looks cool but I feel like I am just paying for a name....same for Wolf and Thermador. Maybe they are really worth the money, I just don't know.
We also met with the Landscape Architect yesterday. He had some interesting things to say but at the end of the consultation I can't really tell you what his vision for the yard is. I think he wants more input from me.....later. If you look at the front view of the house, there is a row of boxwoods lining the front walk. He feels like it is like walking up a cattle shoot!! After all he is also from Iowa and grew up on a farm so he should know, right? Well, he suggests we cut them down to 8" and let them take a more rounded look. I know it sounds really is!!! What do you all think? Do you like the look of them or not?
Well it will be another rainy day here in Dallas tomorrow but the daffodils are blooming! I saw my first flowering Bradford Pear yesterday! Spring is such a time of renewal. God is great!

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