Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Uncle Delfino

This is Uncle Delfino...or as we have come to call him, "The Monday Morning Wrecking Crew".! It is a funny story and I wish Bob could tell it because he is a great story teller. Anyway, last Monday we were scheduled to have the demolition crew show up and start taking the kitchen and bathrooms apart. Bob shows up at the house at 8am to let the crew in. No trucks parked but there is a man out on the curb with his yellow bike and his multicolored plastic shopping bag. Bob went into the house and a few minutes later, Uncle Delfino and his Nephew Andy came in and Bob was introduced to the "ONE man wrecking crew"! He was all we had for demolition for the day. That's what we thought anyway, until about 8pm when five others showed up to help with the process. Andy leaves....Uncle stays... he doesn't speak a word of English! But he seems to understand Bob's sign language because he did a great job for us.

This is Uncle Delfino's bike. It is actually a nice mode of transportation.

We are beginning to see "space"! "Space" is good when you are renovating!

This is concrete plaster over a heavy metal mesh. This is what took the place of regular wall board. It's no wonder the house is so solid.

Another kitchen shot.

The hallway upstairs becomes a dumping ground for "things" being removed from the master bath. Nice....

What is left of the vanity in the master bath. See the water on the floor?.......we narrowly averted flood #3!

OK...this is way out of the realm of house renovation but this is where we were last night! I LOVE Paula Deen. Bob and I are in Savannah with my dear friend Nan and her hubby Bob. We just HAD to find Lady and Sons and get our fill of buttery Southern food. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, black eyed peas, collard greens, ho cakes and biscuits....followed by the best brownie! Where did "ho" cakes come from anyway? I'm not really a southern girl, although I love southern if any of you know the answer to that, let me know! FYI...I didn't really order Chicken Pot Pie on top of everything else, I just wanted to let you know how proud she is of hers! Having a great time here and will post a couple of local pictures later tonight!


  1. how fun is that!!! i wish we were there!!!! so fun!!

  2. I love Paula Deen! Ya'll are so fun!