Saturday, March 20, 2010


March 20 in Dallas. It was 70 yesterday and 36 and snow flurries today...go figure! We love spring in Texas. So we are off for another hunt today.
You know we are all about uncovering covered treasures hidden within this house. Well, today we wanted to reclaim a window in the kitchen and explore the possibility of uncovering the butler pantry door. We have been working with a architect on the plans for the kitchen. He kept this unknown window covered but for those of you who know me...I love windows and lots of natural light in a house. It just seems a shame and a waste to leave part of the original house is what we found!!

This is what the space looked like from the outside. Why would anyone do this?

Bob is just starting the process of tearing out the existing built in cupboards.

It was remotely like giving finally see the first peek of what is there! Notice I said "remotely"!

He uncovered it from the inside and then started on the outside.

This is what it now looks like! It is an amazing 8 pane window...and a casement window too!! What a treasure!

Here is the window...and the man! Way to go Bob!

This is the covering over the alleged door. We don't even know if they left the door between these boards and the interior wall but we are hoping they have. We are not even sure what to do with this doorway, but we know that if we reclaim it, it would add to the historocity of the house. In the 20's, there was a driveway on that side of the house and we believe the door was used by the butler since it led into the butler's pantry. It may be possible to reclaim it from the outside for the visual effect, but encase it on the interior wall of the kitchen. It just doesn't work with the new kitchen plan. We will think on this one.

Bob took his circular saw and cut a 12x24 hole in the existing wall.....and there it is! Green to match the new window. We can tell it is just like the back door but that is all we had time for today. Tomorrow we will go after it as well as the chimney. Stay tuned.....lots of changes this week! Have a great one!

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! That sounds like soooo much fun and what you are finding is definitely going to add to the original "personality" of your NEW "old" home!

    Did you take some pictures of the new home in the snow also? I would like to see that too. Just saying... :) Keep up the good work, and looking forward to more pictures!